What the iGen 5 Upgrades Mean for Your Xerox Printers


Printers have come a long way in the past few years, and their newer upgrades have meant an amazing array of capabilities for the modern office. The iGen 5 upgrades have meant even more productivity and versatility for office workers and those who rely on them.

Printing Sizes

It's common to have copiers that will print larger-sized paper as well as standard printers in an office. With the iGen upgrades, these Xerox printers function as both. These printers will now print on extra-long sheers, allowing for printing on paper as long as 35". This means that many more possibilities are opened up for your office, including printing posters and other marketing materials right from the office printer. There's no need to go to a print shop with these jobs when these upgrades machines are available.

Color printing

When considering a new printer for the office, one of the major concerns is often the quality of the printed results. What will the quality be like? Will it make mistakes and ruin graphics? With Xerox printers with the iGen five upgrades, the quality of the printed pages is never in question. Digital color production is versatile and designed to go beyond typical color printing. These printers have an extra print station inside, allowing for the use of a dry fluorescent yellow to be used. The colors go beyond the standard selections and include white as well as clear. You can create watermarks on your documents for added security and use amazing flood effects to make your documents more eye-catching.

Printing Speed

One of the best things about this new generation of Xerox printers is that the print speed is everything you would expect from an advanced Xerox machine. The speed allows for faster customer service, production runs that don't take forever to finish, and will stack without smearing. Printing full-color documents with one of these machines means getting the run back quickly, being impressed with the sharp color quality, and taking up less of an employee's day. Getting projects finished more quickly is also helpful for employee morale, creating less stress, and making more work projects possible in less time.

If you're ready for the iGen five upgrades, contact us today about the latest in Xerox printers and what they can do for your business.