Which is Cheaper: Managed IT Services or On-Site Staff?

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When it comes to IT troubles, you know you need a dedicated team to help whip that technology into shape. That leaves just one question: What should that team look like? Here's what you need to know about hiring on-site IT staff vs. outsourcing with managed IT services.

Employees vs. Managed IT Services

Before we get into this in-depth comparison, let's clear the air: Managed IT services doesn't have to be a replacement for every tech expert in your business. Instead, managed IT or IT network services can act as a way to take work off your team's plate, allowing them to focus on bigger, more important things.

That being said, managed IT services does eliminate the need to have a huge group of people dedicated solely to your technology. But is that really better for your budget? Let's find out!


On-site employees have a firsthand view of your company's unique needs and challenges, giving them a slight edge when it comes to IT solutions. However, managing a full staff of tech experts comes with costs, including:

  • Hiring.
  • Training.
  • Part-time or full-time salaries.
  • Benefits.
  • Extra resources needed to fill knowledge gaps.

Managed IT Services

While a managed IT provider might not technically be part of your company, they can still learn your needs and provide reliable IT network services. Here's how outsourcing can protect your budget:

  • No need to hire employees from across multiple disciplines--your provider has experience in a number of fields.
  • Access to better tools and solutions means less downtime.
  • Proactive solutions keep problems from occurring in the first place, saving money on repairs and troubleshooting.
  • 24/7 service means you're never left with a costly problem when the IT team is on vacation.
  • Outsourcing can potentially create tax deductions.


While on-site employees have represented the heart of IT for a long time, business needs are changing. It's often more cost-effective (and more efficient overall) to choose a managed IT services partner and forget about hiring a full team of IT professionals.

Is your business ready to shrug off the old ways? Contact us today to see what IT network services and managed IT can do for you!