Your Small Business Still Needs a Phone System

man on phone

If you are like most small businesses, you are always looking for ways to cut expenses. Businesses often think that since everyone has a smartphone, they can get rid of the business phone systems.

While this may seem like a simple way to trim costs, it might not be the wisest choice. While mobile technology can certainly handle many things, it should not necessarily replace your business phone systems. Here are some reasons you still need a phone line.

Calling Still Relevant

Although it might not seem like it, people actually still make phone calls. That’s right. If you have a business phone number, there is a good chance someone will call it.

This is especially true when a number pulls up on an Internet search. When the “would you like to call this business” message with a phone number pops up, the majority of users will click yes. According to a Google study, 70 percent of searchers have used the “click-to-call” tool to reach a business.

What is even more surprising? Many users are turned off if a business does not have a number listed in the search results and will keep looking for another option. Are you willing to lose potential customers just because you don’t want a business phone?

Cutting-Edge Calling

Business phone systems don’t have to be stuck in the 90s. Today’s advanced options enable you to function like the modern business that you are while still maintaining client connections.

With options like Voice over IP and network-connected phones, you won’t feel tied to your desk with the proverbial phone cord. Internet-based phone systems have tons of cool features and are often less expensive than traditional landlines.

High-tech systems like VoIP phone service, offer features like find and follow, full internet integration, email, and voicemail integrations, call recording, conference call options, and much more.

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