Back to the Basics of Managed IT Services

Young woman sitting at office desk, talking on headset and looking at computer screen.

Managed IT services is an IT service provider who is outsourced to oversee your IT solutions, including data backup systems, software and technology infrastructures, and networks and servers. So, companies working with a high-quality managed IT service provider will have professionals who work 24-7 to extensively monitor and support your network systems. Also, this service is much more affordable than the internal hiring of someone with the same credentials. 

What Does Managed IT Services Include?

Each managed IT service provider provides its own array of services. So, it is imperative to look closely into the managed IT service provider's agreement to make sure the provider is right for your company. The services that these professionals may offer are as follows:  

  • Network monitoring and testing 
  • Overseeing risk mitigation and network security 
  • Bandwidth and connectivity 
  • Data storage
  • Managing upgrades and installations 
  • Implementing software patches
  • Web hosting
  • Virtualization or network provisioning 
  • Performance reporting and monitoring 
  • Technical support
  • And more 

What are the Basic Elements of Managed IT Services? 

The following are basic elements of managed IT services: 

System Administration 

Producing and optimizing an IT infrastructure to support daily business operations, like network equipment, maintaining servers, and employee computer hardware. 

Patch Management

Procures, installs, schedules, and tests patches for operating systems and applications to reduce the threat of system intrusion or data breaches by bad actors. 

System Monitoring

Provides 24/7 business computer network monitoring to detect and prevent performance problems, security threats, or bandwidth issues. 

Help Desk Tech Support 

Solving problems that affect employee workflows to eliminate or reduce downtime. 

Lifecycle Management

Tracks and manages all software apps and IT hardware assets or subscriptions through operations, procurement, and until retirement.

As previously mentioned, this is the basic foundation of managed IT services. Having said this, there are more services than high-quality managed IT services do in which some companies may need additional services, such as disaster recovery, cybersecurity solutions, and remote workforce. 


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