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Finding the Right Managed IT Service for Your SMB


Small businesses are constantly challenged with trying to match bigger players on the same playing field without all the resources and support in their back office as comparable operation. That typically means the core staff who are critical for value creation also find themselves doing much of the administrative work as well, taking them away from maximum focus on revenue generation.


The Biggest Business Benefits of Managed IT Services


Managed IT Services are service programs that assist companies of different sizes and connect them with proactive aids for their technological needs. The biggest benefits of employing managed IT services are in the areas of security and time-tested structural IT assessments for fluid workplace IT management. 

Does Your Business Need Managed IT Services?

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Chief Information Officers, Office Managers, and IT Network Managers need to have reliable technology to run their business efficiently. A compromised IT network can delay invoice processing, impact the delivery of items, cause workers to have unnecessary downtime, and hurt the business. Not to mention if there is a breach of security, all an organization's critical information can be gone in seconds.

Back to the Basics of Managed IT Services

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Managed IT services is an IT service provider who is outsourced to oversee your IT solutions, including data backup systems, software and technology infrastructures, and networks and servers. So, companies working with a high-quality managed IT service provider will have professionals who work 24-7 to extensively monitor and support your network systems. Also, this service is much more affordable than the internal hiring of someone with the same credentials. 


Managed IT for Your Growing Business

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Take a moment to reflect on your business vision and growth plan. Has your company included all possible aspects of growth, or are you primarily focused on gaining new clients or building your output?

Growth is, of course, a positive, but there are often many factors that follow aggressive growth that can cause major issues if ignored. One big example is IT and IT networks. With a booming business, you'll have more clients and information and be even easier to notice by hackers as a target. Luckily, there are safe, effective ways to get ahead of this and address the important yet often overlooked side of growth - IT infrastructure.

To Outsource IT or Not?

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You've probably had several discussions with IT managers about how to create the best IT team - do you keep everyone in-house or outsource? Find one skilled manager to task with...everything, or rely on a team of experts?

The first critical thing to think about here is business size. If your company is under about 300 employees, it will almost always make sense to outsource IT and have a small in-house team for troubleshooting employee concerns.

What to Know About Managed IT Services

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Are managed IT services your best way to get ahead of network issues and manage IT without totally diving into the weeds every time something goes wrong? It has recently become apparent that managed IT really is the answer.

Why does managed IT build your business up so easily? Because you can quickly outsource your IT updates and oversight and your IT network services to an experienced, prepared team that has your back no matter what. No more wasting time trying to figure out what one error page means and how to fix it - you have a team now.

What You Should Be Getting From Your Managed IT Service Provider

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When it comes to managing information technology or managed IT services, there are certain needs that must be met. This starts with choosing a server location and type of data storage system. From there, service providers can offer features and support to upgrade this basic service. Here at Hilyard’s Inc., we are focused on being your managed IT service provider. Let us show you what all we can provide you along with what you need to get from any managed service provider.

IT Services: The Truth About Data Breaches

data breach

Data breaches are only becoming more common, which means that, unfortunately, many companies can get a little too comfortable hearing about them all the time. It's easy to forget how serious these problems can be--which is why we're here to present some alarming facts that will make you want to step up your security game.

IT Services Wisdom: The Value of Mobile Print

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IT services function like a sentinel in the world of technology, standing tall and seeing what's working, what isn't, and what's changing the way the business world functions. That's why, when it comes to mobile printing, IT services wisdom says to embrace this solution to its fullest--because it comes with some benefits you won't want to ignore.


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