Finding the Right Managed IT Service for Your SMB


Small businesses are constantly challenged with trying to match bigger players on the same playing field without all the resources and support in their back office as comparable operation. That typically means the core staff who are critical for value creation also find themselves doing much of the administrative work as well, taking them away from maximum focus on revenue generation.

Admin functions like personnel, accounting, and IT support don't create new sales figures, but they are necessary for a smooth-running operation. However, small businesses can take advantage of IT network services to change the dynamic and put their key people back on what they do best.

What are Managed IT Services?

Managed IT is very possible now, especially with how many tools and programs can be delivered over the Internet and in cloud format. Because many of the tools can be distributed through this medium to businesses anywhere there is an Internet connection, it is also quite possible to outsource IT network service versus keeping it physically in-house. Everything from role provisioning, network architecture, programs, software tools, storage, and video/audio support are all possible online and can be coordinated via the same as well. This gives small businesses the added advantage of being able to operate where they do business versus just in a singular physical location.

Managed IT for Small Businesses

When starting up or bootstrapping a new operation, managed IT also allows smaller companies to save on cash flow costs with scalable network support, only focusing costs on those resources actually needed at the time but able to grow quickly when the team suddenly gets bigger. This is common with big projects that last temporarily and then the small business has to scale down again until the next project comes along. The flexibility of managed IT avoids the sunk cost of heavy capital in a physical network and instead utilizes just the IT resources actually needed for fast performance and profit generation.

There's no question that IT support and IT services are the way to go in terms of small business nimble performance; the real question now is how creative new companies can be taking advantage of benefits that didn't exist just some 10 years ago. Think different and move ahead by contacting the team of experts at Hilyard's Business Systems today!