Improving Collaboration with a Phone System

business phone systems

The use of phones in the workplace has changed so much that many of today's routine office tasks can be done by the phone system itself. Here are a few ways that the right VoIP phone service can make your office more productive and less complicated to run.

Adding Participants to the Calls

With work projects done between multiple workers, there no longer has to be a limit on how many people can collaborate together at the same time. Even if your office has a conference room, there is a definite limit as to how many people can be in there at one time.

There’s also the problem of proximity. With a phone system that allows for collaboration, as many people as you like from as many different locations as you like can all conference together at one time. Having more people discussing the project and making changes means more creativity and more problem-solving skills being used.

Waiting to Listen to Messages

The latest phone system models have made the old days of waiting for a call to be forwarded to you a thing of the past. Instead of paying for a receptionist to take calls and route them to various people, your phone system can do all of this for you. You can provide any greeting you like to call her and give them a menu of options. They can then choose to be connected with the exact person or department they are calling for.

Getting Phone Messages

When people leave messages for you at your office phone number, it’s common to wait a while before delving into those messages. Often, workers soon forget that they have messages to listen to altogether. A great way to solve this is the voice to email feature of many phone systems today. This takes the voice mail left for you and transcribes it into text which is then emailed to you right away. You never have to wait for a good time to listen to your messages or forget that they’re there completely.

When you want an easier way for workers to collaborate and to communicate with each other, contact us for a better way to get business done with our highly efficient phone systems.