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VoIP vs. Landline Phone Systems: What You Need to Know

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Maybe you're in between phones right now and curious about a solution for getting all the contacts you need. What would that look like? You're not always at your desk or working from your office, but you don't want to give everyone your cell phone number. Also, you find yourself missing time-sensitive voice mails if working off-site, or uncertain of exactly what the message was.

Top 4 Benefits of Switching to VoIP

VoIP Phone Service

Are your phone systems working for your team as you switch between on-site and off-site work? Do you have the internet connectivity and phone integration that you need?

If you have missed calls in the last few months or struggled to transition to a more mobile workforce, you're not alone. However, it's easy to switch your phones to VoIP, which provides internet integrations so you can be reached anywhere.

4 Ways VOIP is Best for Remote Work


Today's world is constantly changing, and recently that meant shifting a huge portion of the workforce to remote work. It happened fast, and not everyone was ready for it, but now we know one thing for sure – it's probably not the last time we'll all go remote.

With that in mind, it's a great time to take some proactive effort toward streamlining remote working for your teams so that you can keep productivity up and morale going even when everyone is working from home.

Which Phone System Best Fits Your Business?

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Regardless of whether you are looking to start a new business or upgrade an existing one, one of the biggest decisions you will have to make has to do with your phone system. There are several questions and factors that you need to consider before you make a final decision. For example, do you need virtual phone services? Or do you need physical phones? Fortunately, there are countless options, allowing you to find the right business phone system for your needs.

Call Center Phone System Must-Haves

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With much of the focus on computers, printers, and smartphones, it can be easy to overlook the importance of business phone systems. And, while all businesses have unique telecom needs, call centers require an exceptional amount of specialized equipment. These demands can be overwhelming, but we have rounded up a list of the top phone system must-haves for any call center environment.

Top Tips for Picking Your New Business Phone System

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Business phone systems are much more sophisticated and complex than they once were. There are many factors to consider when integrating a new phone system into your business. Here are our top tips for assessing your current business communications and pinpoint what you need from your new communication system.

Fail-Safe Tips for Selecting a Business Phone System

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Despite the focus on digital files and mobile devices, your business still needs a phone system. With so many advances in technology, business phone systems are more sophisticated and cutting edge than ever. With so many options available, there is one for every company, regardless of size, industry, or budget.

Signs It Is Time for A New Business Phone System

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If you are using a business phone system, it must be able to keep up with your demands. Often the problem starts with a few minor issues, then next thing you know your once-reliable phone system is causing business disruptions. Phone systems that cannot keep up with your business needs lead to dropped calls, call routing confusion, client complaints, and more.


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