Increase Data Security with Multi-factor Authentication

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Keeping employees happy without sacrificing the layer of security that exists around your business data is a top concern for any company that hopes to be successful in the modern economy. If you aren't sure how to protect your confidential data while opening up your workforce to include employees in different geographic regions, consider implementing a multi-factor authentication system. A multi-factor authentication system adds an extra layer of security to protect your information and digital assets from being hacked or stolen. This allows you to introduce more flexibility for employees, who can work remotely or through their mobile devices, without opening your assets up to a potential data breach.

How Does a Multi-Factor Authentication System Work?

A multi-factor authentication system is a security system that makes it harder for hackers to gain unauthorized access by requiring multiple login criteria. A user trying to gain access might need to input one or more real-time authentication criteria to gain access. At least one of the login criteria is sent to a smartphone or another device through text, notification or email to help verify the user's identity. This means that even if a hacker can gain access to the first portion of the system, they are unlikely to pass the second authentication requirement to see your most valuable data.

There are a few advantages to implementing MFA protected systems:

  • Helps meet compliance standards across industries
  • Protects against identity theft
  • Keeps the whole work environment more secure

The simplest way to implement MFA protection in your office is through an experienced provider of managed IT services. Setting up a multi-factor authentication system can be complicated, as it requires setup over a secure network and proper testing to make sure it will work properly once deployed. Hilyard's Business Solutions is here to help you increase security on your printer or copier. Contact us today for expert help and managed IT services that will help secure your data.