To Outsource IT or Not?

Businessman at two way sign deciding between outsourcing and in-house. Blue sky with clouds in background

You've probably had several discussions with IT managers about how to create the best IT team - do you keep everyone in-house or outsource? Find one skilled manager to task with...everything, or rely on a team of experts?

The first critical thing to think about here is business size. If your company is under about 300 employees, it will almost always make sense to outsource IT and have a small in-house team for troubleshooting employee concerns.

3 Critical Topics to Analyze

When you evaluate IT structure, here are the three key issues to understand:

  1. Do you need expert help with software updates, threat tracking, vulnerabilities, cybersecurity, and more?
  2. Is your in-house team already overloaded as it is?
  3. Can you support your employee IT needs or is your team stretched with basic IT troubleshooting?

These key topics can help you understand how to direct your IT team structure to best support your employees, your company, and your clients.

Understanding Outsourced IT

What is outsourced IT? It's investing in a team of IT experts to help your business stay proactive about IT issues, problems, threats, and needs. Managed IT will oversee updates, support, software, cybersecurity, patches, and more, so your company can keep working, and your IT team in-house can support employees and clients. It makes sense for any small business to invest in outsourcing IT for protection and security.

Working with the Right Team

Managed IT services only really work when you have the right team of professionals on your outsourced staff. That's what you get with Hilyard's Business Solutions - a professional, reliable, expert IT team.