Top Tips for Picking Your New Business Phone System

business phone in use

Business phone systems are much more sophisticated and complex than they once were. There are many factors to consider when integrating a new phone system into your business. Here are our top tips for assessing your current business communications and pinpoint what you need from your new communication system.

  1. Location Is your workforce spread out over different locations? Even with small businesses, it is becoming more and more common for employees to work off-site and work while traveling. If this is the case, you need a system that can easily tie everyone together under one platform.

  2. Size The size of your business will weigh heavily on your phone system decision. The number of employees you have — regardless of location often dictates the best system for your business and your budget.

    Start-up and set-up costs for on-site systems can be cost-prohibitive, making a virtual or cloud-based solution a great option for many small businesses. It is also essential to look at future growth and expansion to be sure you select a scalable schematic.

  3. Current Status If you have one, examine your existing office phones to see what works, what is not working, and where you need improvements. Looking at the features you required when got your current system can elucidate what else you need or what no longer serves your business than you can eliminate.

  4. Budget How much you can spend on a new system is a significant concern. Your new business phone system should ease stress and communications. You don’t want to pile on more worry by option for a fancy system that stretches the budget, so be sure to balance wants and needs with a reality check.

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