Business Equipment

Sharp Aquos Boards

Cutting-Edge Digital Display Systems from Sharp

Since we first opened our doors, Hilyard’s Business Solutions has strived to give customers the latest and best in business technology. We sell products that enable you to convey information better and optimize your productivity.

Hilyard’s is proud to continue this tradition by offering you a selection of Aquos Boards from Sharp. These interactive digital displays will enhance your collaboration and content-creation capabilities.

Shredders & Folders

Handle and Dispose of Documents Better

Hilyard’s Business Solutions has a variety of printers that let you quickly produce several types of documents. However, we know that the work doesn’t always stop once your files get printed.

Depending on the information contained in your files and the requirements of your industry, you may need the ability to dispose of documents securely. You could also need to get large volumes of documents ready for distribution.

Wide Format Printers

High Quality Larger Documents for Your Business

Hilyard’s Business Solutions knows that industries have different demands regarding documents and prints. Sometimes, your business may need something larger than 8.5” x 11”. You may need the blueprints for your latest construction job, for instance, or posters for an upcoming sale. To meet customer needs such as these, Hilyard’s has a selection of wide format printers in Wilmington DE.

Our equipment can be used effectively in many industries, including:


Store and Share Information Better Than Ever

We at Hilyard’s Business Solutions have seen great changes in business and technology over the past 50 years. The internet and cloud computing have allowed companies to manage information and engage with clients and colleagues better than ever before.


Make Superior Prints Whenever You Need Them

At Hilyard’s Business Solutions, we know the difference that your equipment can have on your workplace. The laser printers you use, for example, can impact your office’s budget and carbon footprint.

You need devices that deliver high-quality prints quickly and with minimal waste. Hilyard’s available printers do exactly that. With our devices, you can produce clean, error-free documents consistently and with less energy and supply usage.

Multifunction Printers

Work Faster and Better with Hilyard’s Multifunction Systems

To stay competitive, your business needs to get as much work done in as little time as possible. Wherever you can, you need to cut down on waste and inefficiency.

Hilyard’s Business Solutions has products to help you operate faster and better. Our multifunction systems (MFPs) enable you to:

Business Equipment

Outstanding Printers and Other Equipment for Your Business

Since 1959, Hilyard’s Business Solutions has been a trusted provider of business technology to customers in Delaware and neighboring regions. We partner with industry-leading manufacturers to bring you the best in printers, scanners and more.

To learn about our available business equipment, see below:

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