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In today’s business environment, so much work is done from sophisticated mobile phones. Employees no longer have to be in the office to get the job done—all they need is an internet connection and a secure device.

While numerous factors are contributing to the growth of the mobile workforce—better work/life balance, reduced operating costs—there is also an increased need for effective voice solutions that support this modern workstyle.

Office Phones & Audio Recording

Office Phones and Digital Recording Devices

Digital Audio Recording

  • Court & Council Recording
  • Conference & Meeting Recording
  • Mobile Recording

Office Phones Recording & Quality Monitoring Systems

  • Public Safety Recording
  • Call Center Recording
  • Agent Evaluation

Digital Video Recording

  • Mobile Recording
  • Video Recording for Legal

Paging & Intercom Systems

Class Connection

Class Connection by Valcom provides high performance, software-programmable communications systems for K-12, hospitals, colleges, universities and commercial applications. It combines the features of an emergency paging system with the capabilities of a sound and program distribution system, and features crisis management, alarm functions, and strong flexibility in paging to different zones. In many cases it can be integrated with existing wiring and speakers.

Voice & Data Cabling

We are an authorized dealer for the sales, service, and installation of voice and data cabling products in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland.

We offer pre-quotation on-site surveys, as well as planning, project management, installation and comprehensive testing of all of our cabling projects by our trained and experienced cabling team. Industry-standard products from leading companies such as Hubble, Leviton, Ortronics, and ADTRAN are used.

We have a reputation for excellence in all of our cabling installations as our many satisfied customers can attest.

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