2 Critical Steps to Advancing Your Phone Systems


Phone systems may seem like a thing of the past, but that’s not accurate – while some phone systems may, in fact, be outdated, the reality is that phone systems just have a new operating system. If you think phones are totally outdated, you’re wrong – it’s time to get new phone technology and keep answering your customers’ calls.

Phone systems transitioned from on desk hardware to network-connected, forwarding to cell phones, and voicemail transcribing, do-it-all kind of technology. Are you there? If not, or this is news to you, read on for the key breakdown on how to update your phone systems. Moving to VoIP phone service can be extremely beneficial for your business operations and communications. Read on for more.

How to Update Your Phone System

There are two critical, comprehensive aspects to updating your phone systems. Luckily, working with a VoIP solution (or talking with a reliable vendor) can address these two essential pieces of advanced phone technology and get you back on the line.

You’ll want to ensure that you update to include:

  1. Automated Call Processing from an automated attendant to automatic forwarding, you want to get the right automation features. You can also record calls, add custom greetings to voicemail, and connect data with your calls. You want the right features in your automated answers – make sure you work with a good vendor to cover your calls.

  2. Add Video and Transcription, two things you definitely want with your phone system: video conferencing capability and transcription for calls and voicemails. Trust us – once you include these in your phone technology, you’ll wonder why you waited so long.

The Tool for Improvement

The tool to get these two key advancements is working on a tech-savvy phone system and VoIP solution with a reliable vendor.

Time to Advance Your Phone Systems

Now is the time to get started and take back managing your phone system – talk to the Hilyard’s team today.