4 Ways VOIP is Best for Remote Work


Today's world is constantly changing, and recently that meant shifting a huge portion of the workforce to remote work. It happened fast, and not everyone was ready for it, but now we know one thing for sure – it's probably not the last time we'll all go remote.

With that in mind, it's a great time to take some proactive effort toward streamlining remote working for your teams so that you can keep productivity up and morale going even when everyone is working from home.

Work from Anywhere

There are lots of new answers to working remotely, from mobile options to network connections and VPN to employee communications.

When working remotely, one issue is phone systems and connecting to your office phone so that customers can contact anyone without interruptions.

VoIP is an essential phone system solution for remote workers and can keep your business running even when things are changing.

VoIP is more than just a phone system, though. In addition to keeping you connected to your phone line, VoIP phone service can also provide extensive communications access across your workforce.

The four ways that VoIP Phone Service is one of the best answers to a remote workforce include:

  • Use VoIP for video conferencing and chat, etc.
  • Increase collaboration with file sharing
  • Finding the affordable remote solution
  • Work from anywhere

Stay in Communication

Stay connected with your VoIP system – you'll find that teams are more productive in their remote workplace when programs are interconnected. Also, the quality of your communication is better and more secure on a solid VoIP system.

Rely on Your VoIP Service

Lean on your digital solutions like VoIP to keep employees working and engaged, even remotely. Finding the best remote solutions may be the secret to keeping your business afloat – let Hilyard's Business Solutions help you get what you need to succeed.