VoIP Phone Service Dover DE

2 Great Reasons to Switch to VoIP

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Are you still getting your phone service from a traditional phone company? Do you have a lot of hard-wired phones that are a pain to switch around? Do your teams need high mobility and have great mobile devices, but still need landlines for long-haul discussions?

Stationary phones aren't going anywhere. For both physical security and comfort reasons, all of the damage that the mobile world could do is already done. Still, landlines can be awkward, especially if you need to drag phone lines, rearrange phone sets, and figure out which numbers go to which outlet and device.

What to Expect from Cloud Phone Systems


Despite its growing popularity and reliability, many businesses still have questions about the cloud and cloud-based services. Cloud phone systems, as it turns out, are no exception. Today we'll explain exactly what you can expect from cloud phone systems and show you why they're a great fit for every business!

Unified Communications: Don't Forget Phone Systems!

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When it comes to Unified Communications solutions, you're probably focused on making different technologies work together, from text messages to emails to video conferences--but don't forget that your phone system is a crucial part of almost everything you do. Today, we'll tell you why it's important to include phone systems in your Unified Communications solutions!

The Power of Integrated Phone Systems

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What's better than a fast, reliable phone system? A phone system that works with all your applications and helps you get things done even more efficiently, that's what! Today we'll explain some of the biggest benefits of integrated phone systems so that you can see what you've been missing.

Phone Systems, Emails, Texts: Unify Your Communications

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Communication has never been a static idea. It grows with us, going wherever we go and morphing into new things as we need it to. From pigeon messengers to phone systems, communication has always been right there with us--so why should anything be different in your business? It's time to take control of your communications and start unifying everything today.

Why are VoIP Phone Systems So Popular?

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In today's business world, it's crucial for companies of all shapes and sizes to keep an eye on current trends. Some of those trends are fleeting and forgettable, but some stick around and become innovative, critical tools for company-wide success--and VoIP phone systems are one example you'll definitely want to keep an eye on.

What to Ask About Cloud-Based Phone Systems

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These days, it seems like just about everything is being improved by the cloud--so why should your phone systems be left behind? There's a lot to consider when it comes to cloud-based phone systems, but if you ask these simple questions, you'll find that this is one big change you won't regret.

3 Signs It's Time for a Phone System Upgrade

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When it comes to technology, everyone can have a hard time knowing when it's time for an upgrade. After all, you get used to things, and as long as they still work, you might not even notice the little inconveniences they cause--and the same is true of phone systems. Here are some big signs to help you decide if it's time to upgrade!


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