Assessing Your Print Program is First Step to Improved Management

Print Management

If you are looking to save your business money, look no further than print management. Print management will reduce waste, save money, and improve workflow efficiency. Let’s take a look at how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Overlooked Areas of Improvement

When it comes to workplace improvements, print needs and expenditures are often overlooked. How can you possibly increase efficiency and reduce waste if you don’t start by assessing your print fleet? Well, you can’t! When it comes to setting up a print management system for your business, the first step towards improvement must be a comprehensive print assessment.

Assessing Wants and Needs

When we complete a print assessment for you, here are some of the important factors we take into consideration. * Where are you spending the most money, such as equipment, services, supplies, etc.? * What print equipment do you currently have, including printers, MFPs, copiers, wide format printers and the like? * Does your current print fleet meet your needs? If not, what is lacking? * How is your print program set up and how many users do you have? * What secure measures are in place for your printers and printed materials? * How efficient are your printers and copiers? Are you wasting energy with outdated equipment?

Steps for Advancement

Once we have a better picture of your current print environment, we can help you save money by making detailed recommendations for improvement. The initial assessment is the first step to building a print management program that maximizes resources and reduces waste. Recommendations may include new printers or MFPs, increases security measures, print reduction measures, software recommendations, user restrictions and more.

At Hilyard’s, our managed print services will help you optimize your print fleet’s productivity while reducing unnecessary costs. If you want to increase productivity and reduce waste, contact us today for more information on print management.