Boost Your Small Business with a Xerox MFP


Multifunction printers are the unsung heroes of many offices. If you are a small-to-mid-sized business owner, an MFP can transform your daily workflows and improve overall efficiency.

A Multitude of Options

MFPs can achieve so much for your business. And, since your business needs are unique, we offer a wide range of options from high-quality brands like Xerox, Sharp, Lexmark, Canon, and many others so that you can make the best selection.

Multifunction printers are multitasking workhorses that help your business achieve more in less time, with fewer hassles. These devices can scan, copy, print, and fax. With an MFP, you can scan a document and email it right from the device, eliminating unnecessary steps and improving efficiency.

Network Connectivity

Multifunction printers, like the high-tech options from Xerox, are network-connected devices that go way beyond just printing. These modern MFP enable you to connect multiple computers and users, making them the hub of your office.

Plus, with mobile technology, you can link smartphones and tablets to your Xerox MFP, enabling traveling staff to print documents while on the go, promoting collaboration and connectivity.

Get Creative

Xerox MFPs enable you to unleash your creativity and create any time of document imaginable – from modern marketing materials to text-heavy reports, this device can handle it all. You no longer have to out-source sophisticated print jobs; your multifunction printer lets you tackle these projects in-house.

Plus, advanced finishing options like collating, stapling, hole-punching, organizing, and more save you time by putting the finishing touches on for you. That gives you more time to dream up your next stellar project rather than stapling documents together.

Support and Service

When it comes to a Xerox MFP, don’t forget to take advantage of the many maintenance and service agreements available. It is important to protect this investment just as you would any other important device or machine. Service agreements take the burden of maintenance, upgrades, and repairs off of your plate and onto ours.

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