Call Center Phone System Must-Haves

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With much of the focus on computers, printers, and smartphones, it can be easy to overlook the importance of business phone systems. And, while all businesses have unique telecom needs, call centers require an exceptional amount of specialized equipment. These demands can be overwhelming, but we have rounded up a list of the top phone system must-haves for any call center environment.


Voice over IP or VoIP is the go-to for most modern business is a necessity for call centers. Because VoIP eliminates the need for bulky equipment, it is popular for many businesses. And, it eliminates many expenses since calls are complete over the Internet. Also, VoIP phone service offers a wide range of features that go well beyond standard phone systems – video calling, call forwarding and rerouting as well as increased flexibility.


Regardless of the type of phone system you use, headsets are a necessity for busy call centers. These allow representatives to serve customers better. The hand-free approach enables them to move around, take notes, and saves them from neck and shoulder pain. There is a vast range of advanced options, like wireless, noise reduction, custom shapes and sizes, and more.

Call Recording Systems

Software that records calls is not only convenient, but it is also critically important. Call recording allows supervisors to listen to calls while they are in progress or after they are complete. And, yes, they are used for training purposes.

Automatic Distribution Systems

Gone are the days of needing an operator to route calls to the appropriate department. Call automation eliminates that need and places customers in a queue based on their input and staff availability.

Whether you are a call center or just a small business researching office phones, we can help ensure you get the right features for your needs.