Digital Printing Innovation


Xerox printers have built out the digital print world more than any other company. By combining three essential business pillars of expansion, productivity, and protected investments, Xerox printers are leading the charge into the new world of digital printing and beyond.

Let's showcase here why a digital printer from Xerox is the best bet for your growing company.

Xerox Printers Leading the Charge

Xerox printers have more useful applications, more important information for helping streamline workflows, and easier integration into your software and office than any other machines.

Also, Xerox printers have elevated with technology to move forward, integrate advancements (like applications, ConnectKey, etc) and streamline inputs and outputs so that your teams can work smarter, not harder. Productivity and digital integration are key for your printer, and Xerox has it figured out.

What to Look for Next

Next up in the world of digital printers is more mobile options, optimized applications to reduce unnecessary steps in your workflow, and more streamlined integration from anywhere - but with high-level security.

You want your printer to work with you in order to get the work done quickly and with the highest quality. That's why Xerox printers are your go-to for digital printing and taking your office to the next level.

Join in the Next Level of Printing

Printing is here to stay, and it's getting more advanced all the time. Get the Xerox printer your office really needs to work with full efficiency and leverage all available features. You'll be amazed at what you can get done. Talk to Hilyard's Business Solutions today.