How Xerox Printers Protect Your Company

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In most cases, you're the one protecting your printers--not the other way around. However, when it comes to Xerox printers, there are plenty of built-in solutions and tools that turn your machines into active defenders. Here's what to know!

The Power of Xerox Printers

Although Xerox printers are an excellent choice for their efficiency, longevity, and performance, they're equally powerful when it comes to security. That's because these machines have been designed to identify and circumvent some of the biggest and most complicated digital threats.

Here are just a few ways Xerox printers are protecting your business:

  • Suggesting Security Resources

Your printers aren't just machines. They're also backed up by a whole library of security resources published and maintained by Xerox. If you have questions about your machine, security features, best practices, or common threats, you can visit this library to brush up on all the latest knowledge.

  • Overwrite Features

Did you know that many Xerox printers can automatically overwrite data? That's a big deal, because printers of all shapes and sizes will store this data during and after the print process; automatic overwrite helps keep this data receptacle from becoming a vulnerability.

You can even tell your Xerox printers to begin the overwrite at certain times. This means you can schedule overwrites for particularly sensitive data or plan around downtime. Just keep in mind that the overwrite process takes up to an hour).

  • Encryption

Encryption has long been a top security feature, and now it's built into your Xerox printers and other devices. This solution allows you to automatically encrypt hard disk drives and user data depending on your needs and printer model.


Xerox printers aren't just machines in need of protection. They play an active role in your company's security approach, providing solutions and information you need to take the right steps.

Need to upgrade to Xerox printers for an extra security boost? Contact us today to get started!