How Xerox Printers Stand Out


Printer vendors are not one size fits all - you need to work with the right vendor that provides the best products and brands to trust your major investment in office equipment.

At Hilyard's Business Solutions, we work with the top manufacturers and trusted brands, which is why we sell Xerox printers. Xerox printers are long-lasting, technologically advanced machines that are innovative and meet your employees needs beyond their expectations - meaning the best printers allow your teams to get even more done.

Selecting the Right Printer for You

Choosing a printer that fits your company goals, growth, operations, and workflow is essential. Xerox printers are the first - and often the last - place to look.

When making the decision on a new printer, you'll want to choose something that:

  • High speed and efficient

  • Cost-effective and productive

  • Meets your employee and company volumes

  • Creates high-quality color and print features

  • Has top-level security additions

Of course, you can find all of these features with Xerox, but which printer you choose exactly might be a little up in the air. That's when you can work with your vendor partner to identify your make-or-break needs and features.

Get Ahead by Getting the Best

It's surprising to many business owners that getting the best printer often means working with the top brand through the top vendor. When you get the right machine for your office that matches your workflow, your business can grow without hitting avoidable obstacles like print production, maintenance or service issues, or other ongoing problems.

Work with a Reliable Xerox Vendor

Talk to the team today - Hilyard's Business Solutions is available to help you get the machine you need to do the work you are invested in. Your business matters to us - let's talk.