Protecting Printed Documents with Network Security Services

IT network security

When you think about IT network security, one of the last things you consider may, in fact, be one of the most vulnerable. Office printers are so much more than just printers, and all that sophistication has opened the door for security breaches.

Protection When Printing

Despite our current reliance on digital data, we still need to print documents occasionally. And, it’s not just printing. Anytime you scan or fax a document on your MFP, it is accessing and storing information an internal hard drive. Copy and print equipment created after 2002 came equipped with hard drives, which can save to store data.

With cybercriminals constantly finding new ways to access secure information, the information on your printer is an easily exploited point of access. Due to this, it is imperative that businesses treat printer security as part of their overall IT network security rather than an add-on service.

Securing Stored Data

The standardization of hard drive on printers was done for the simple reason that it made printing faster and easier. In addition to improving print speed, the presence of hard drives means that any document that is scanned or modified automatically is saved to the printer. So, how can you protect your sensitive information from unauthorized access?

Erase Your Hard Drives

When you get a new printer or exchanged a leased model for a new one, be sure that you have completely wiped all data from the printer’s hard drive. Data wipe should remove all information that has been stored.

Overwrite Data

Your IT staff or an external IT consultant can “overwrite” the existing files with scrambled characters. That way if any information is left on the hard drive, it will be difficult or impossible for someone to read.


Encryption is a method of scrambling data using a code so that it cannot be extracted directly or remotely. Encryption is a common security protocol used to protect secure information.

Password Protection

Password protection and role-based access allow you greater control over print activities by knowing who is printing and from which printer.

At Hilyard’s, not only can we help you with printers and print security, but we can also help secure your entire IT network.

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