Protecting Your Xerox Equipment


From printers to copiers and everything in between, your Xerox equipment is critical to almost everything you do--so it makes sense to do a little homework on the best ways to protect that equipment. Print security is a great place to start, and with these simple steps, it's easier than ever.

Print Security

Today's printers and copiers are hardworking, multitasking office heroes, dealing with all kinds of data and sensitive documents--but it's important to remember that modern machines are almost always connected to your network. This means that your data may not be as safe as you want it to be, especially if you've forgotten to include your printers and copiers in your security procedures or you've overlooked some security settings (both of which are fairly common mistakes). Don't let your office equipment be a vulnerability. Instead, start protecting that valuable Xerox equipment with these simple steps.

Step 1: Identify devices with no security features.

If you have a printer or copier that doesn't offer security features, take it offline immediately. This can be inefficient and frustrating since it limits your capabilities, but those problems are small compared to the huge threats you could face by leaving unprotected machines online.

Step 2: Create password procedures.

Passwords are a great way to protect copiers and printers, but it's not as simple as you might think. Remember that passwords need to include letters, numbers, and symbols in order to be secure, and they need to be changed regularly--and don't use anything obvious like the company name or "1234!"

Step 3: Always, always update.

Software updates might interrupt your workflow or frustrate your employees, but ignoring them is a huge mistake. Remember to stay on top of those updates, because they're crucial for solving problems and eliminating weaknesses in your Xerox machines.

Printers and copiers don't have to be a vulnerability--just take good care of them! For more tips and tricks on protecting Xerox equipment, contact us today!