Security Across the Board for Your Company Xerox Printers


Printers are one of the office devices that seem secure because we don't use them for browsing the internet – but that is a misinterpretation of what printers are capable of. Today's printers are network connected and have a hard drive that can be hacked! Printer security is much more important than we sometimes think.

Xerox printers are known for maintaining strict security standards and keeping up to date with appropriate tools and information to ensure security and document/data protection. Xerox multifunction printers take part in comprehensive security solutions essential to any modern business.

Xerox Printers and Security Solutions

Xerox printers have an overarching print security program, which has four main aspects.

These include:

  1. Device detecting – knowing which devices are authorized for access.

  2. External partnering – leveraging external technology and information for security.

  3. Data protecting – secure, compliant data and information storage in your device.

  4. Monitoring – guarding and monitoring access points is critical to print security.

New Security Features

Today, Xerox printers are also continually developing new security features that meet the needs of any size office and any industry. Print security is an essential need across all businesses, so don't let your guard down.

Being aware of the inherent risks of print security issues and the data that can be lost from your hard drive can help build your digital security plan stronger than before. Talk to the experts at Hilyard's to learn how to create a security strategy that protects your business and includes print.

Hilyard's Business Solutions Can Help

Hilyard's Business Solutions has the experts on staff to work with you and learn more about your print strategy and what you need for business success. Let the professionals set up your print security strategy to cover all aspects of comprehensive Xerox security. Talk to the team to get going.