Top Xerox Printers in 2021

New sleek printer in office

Getting a new printer might seem a little extravagant this year since many businesses are just getting back to work. But isn't now the best time to upgrade your equipment to make life easier in your office and increase productivity? When teams come back, they'll have to relearn office practices anyway, so why not invest in the best Xerox printer you can and provide better equipment, productivity, and workflows across your office.

Get Better Equipment This Year

Make this the year of positive change with the top Xerox printers of 2021.

If you're looking for a small office printer - it's the WorkCenter 6515.
If you're looking for a budget friendly printer - check out the Phaser 6510.
If you need a simple, efficient small printer to start back up - use the Monochrome Laser Printer

This is the year to get better equipment, so make sure you get exactly what you need. Working with a reliable vendor partner can help address questions and concerns while staying on budget.

Make Your Office Efficient

New printers do more than just update print features and technology. New office equipment will help your employees be more efficient and productive by addressing workflow needs, quality and volume issues, and adding technology to increase overall operations.
Also, your new Xerox printer will have advanced security features to protect your office data and networks.

Your Xerox Printers Partner

Partner up with the best for Xerox printers to get what you need to cover your office and your employee needs. You'll see better security and increased productivity for the long haul. Talk to Hilyard's Business Solutions today to get started.