What to Know About VoIP Phone Numbers

VoIP Phone System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems have a lot to offer. They're fast, reliable, efficient, and full of all the latest features--but before you can enjoy any of that, you need to brush up on the basics. Here's what to know about step one in the VoIP journey: phone numbers.

What Are VoIP Phone Numbers?

Although VoIP phone systems aren't limited to phone calls, they still require a number to function properly.

In many ways, the numbers for VoIP phone systems are the same as the phone numbers you've known your whole life. They come in the traditional format and can be used in similar ways--but there's one big difference. Instead of being linked to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), they live in the cloud.

That's because VoIP phone systems operate through the internet instead of copper wires. Your virtual phone number acts as your "identity" in the cloud, while your internet connection acts as the bridge to get you there.

Benefits of VoIP Phone Numbers

So, why take your communication into the digital world? Here are just a few big benefits of having VoIP phone systems with virtual numbers:

  • Your number moves with you.

Because a VoIP phone number exists in the cloud, it's not unique to any one device. Instead, it can move between your mobile devices, computers, and more.

  • Your calls are secure.

VoIP phone numbers help translate your calls into packets of data, which are shared through the cloud. These packets can be protected in all the same ways you'd protect any other data, which means VoIP phone systems are secure and reliable.

  • You can do more than talk.

Contrary to what you might expect, virtual phone numbers aren't just for making "phone calls." They're also great for video chats, text messaging, and even more advanced features like automatic call forwarding and a virtual phone assistant.

In conclusion, having a VoIP phone number is like having a virtual superpower--and it enables all kinds of benefits, too.

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