Why Buy a New Xerox Printer for Security


How is your office security going since you've gone mostly off-site? Even if your office is back working on location, it might be time to reconsider off-site benefits, security, features, and access for your office equipment and management.

Your multifunction printer combines the functionality of your printer, copier, scanner, and fax or scans to email in one machine, which can be protected by similar security features both software and hardware-focused. Especially if your business may move off-site again, or if you are going toward a more digital workflow, it's time to evaluate the security and access options for your print fleet.

Printer Security at a Glance

Your Xerox multifunction printer has a few critical security features that will leverage your business, protect your data, and increase functionality and office operations, protection, and efficiency. That's a pretty big list! So how does Xerox get there? Your Xerox multifunction printer will have:

  • Network security integrations
  • Hard drive wiping and clearing protocols
  • Security features like safe print and privacy controls
  • Limited print document access
  • Hidden paper delivery tray
  • And way more

Security and Printer Priorities

Make your printer security priorities as notable as they are for the entire company of Xerox. What does that mean? You can work with your vendor partner to identify exactly what your business needs, how the team can integrate the right features, and how to integrate all the security protections to guard your data, your clients, and your business.

Let Hilyard's Help

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