Xerox Printers: What is the Xerox Device Agent?

Xerox logo on smart phone screen.

Whether you have Xerox printers already or are trying to get your hands on these impressive machines, you likely want to know what the features are. You'll be thrilled with the print speed and power, of course--but don't overlook Xerox Device Agent (XDA).

How Your Xerox Printers Help You

To understand how XDA works, it's important to shift your perspective on printers overall. Luckily, that's easy when it comes to Xerox printers. These machines don't exist to cost you money and make your life more difficult; instead, they have features and functions designed to do work for you.

That's exactly what XDA is all about. Here's what to know:

What is XDA?

XDA is an app. It collects and records meter reads for all your Xerox printers. Think about it this way: XDA helps you speak the same language as your Xerox machines so you can find out what they're trying to tell you. It all works through a connection to Xerox databases and algorithms.

Who needs XDA?

The XDA app is particularly helpful for anyone using managed print services. Why? Well, XDA can automatically forward meter reads to your provider, helping them know what your needs are when to send consumables like ink and toner, and how much you print on a regular basis. The meter reads also provide troubleshooting information, which means your provider can help identify and eliminate issues before they cause too much trouble.

What are the benefits of using XDA?

Using the XDA tools allows you to get even more out of your Xerox printers. It gives you the information you need to learn about your printing habits and needs--data that can help you make better choices as you structure, improve, and streamline your print environment. It's most helpful for strengthening your relationship with a managed print provider, but it's great for protecting and empowering your Xerox printers, too.


Although XDA is an impressive and helpful tool, it's not the only thing you can expect from Xerox printers. If you want to see the full lineup of features, functions, and apps, it's time to add these devices to your fleet.

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