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4 Benefits of Managed Services for Hospitals

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Personal data in the health care sector is a major target for data theft, security breaches, and cyberattacks.

Health care industry attacks have tripled in the last three years, stealing the data and personal information of approximately 15-25 million patients per year.

These numbers are absurd and contribute to the public's distrust of health care and patient protection. However, many businesses are doing everything they can to boost their IT solutions and network security, but sometimes without much success.

What You Should Be Getting From Your Managed IT Service Provider

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When it comes to managing information technology or managed IT services, there are certain needs that must be met. This starts with choosing a server location and type of data storage system. From there, service providers can offer features and support to upgrade this basic service. Here at Hilyard’s Inc., we are focused on being your managed IT service provider. Let us show you what all we can provide you along with what you need to get from any managed service provider.

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Serving Salisbury MD with Responsive IT Support

Hilyard's proudly serves local businesses with the latest copiers, document solutions, and IT support Salisbury organizations can trust. Our mix of IT services can be integrated into your business on an as-needed basis, or a managed services plan can be designed to take more of a preventative approach. Whatever the case might be, we strive to be a full-service technology vendor and provider of IT support Salisbury customers can count on. To learn more, contact our IT support professionals today!

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