Data security is of the utmost importance for companies, but even more so for those handling confidential or sensitive information. Such companies need to take every precaution to protect their client's information. There are a few things that can be done to ensure data remains secure.

Data Security Best Practices

Assess Current Levels of Security

What is currently in...

Have you ever entered a place of business to request a service and found yourself filling out the same forms you filled out the last time you were there? You know that info is already on file somewhere, and yet the company is strictly sticking to paper documents and don't want to dig up your information from the last time. This has you filling out all the same information time and again....

Print security is already a big deal, as hacking printers for data theft is becoming a major issue for businesses.

Your business – big or small – can be impacted by print hacking, and it can be devastating. Major brands in a variety of industries were all impacted by a "practice hack" in a stunt last year to raise awareness of how widespread print hacking can be.



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