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Top Xerox Printers in 2021

New sleek printer in office

Getting a new printer might seem a little extravagant this year since many businesses are just getting back to work. But isn't now the best time to upgrade your equipment to make life easier in your office and increase productivity? When teams come back, they'll have to relearn office practices anyway, so why not invest in the best Xerox printer you can and provide better equipment, productivity, and workflows across your office.

Major Xerox 2021 Announcement


In a major recognition for 2021, Xerox Corporation was awarded the Buyers Lab 2021 Software Line of the Year. Xerox was ranked Best Overall in a Keypoint Intelligence Solutions Study, clearly showing the huge shift the company has made toward offering additional apps, connectors, and a broad range of software to support business workflows, transitions, document management, access, and more.


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